Public Fuel Station 40 m³

Blikstorps Oljeprodukter in Hjo is an established oil company that sells and transports fuel oil, diesel oil, petrol, lubricating oil, filters and chemical products.

In Otterbäcken along road 26 you will be able to refuel at this neat MPP filling station. The road is especially busy during the summer and winter with people enjoying great views along Lake Vänern on their way to their holiday destinations up in the country, who even then need to refuel with diesel or petrol.

 Customer profiled public filing station

The facility is a Publik tank station of a total of 40 m³. The space is divided into 25 m³ for diesel and 15 m³ for petrol. The filling station is equipped with a Wayne Helix 6000 pumpautomat and has a Codab PT Premium betalterminal. MPP also helped Blikstorps Oljeprodukter to profile the tank after their own tankers. “The trip with MPP has worked well and we have nothing to complain about,” says Rolf Pettersson, owner of the company. “We received help and guidance as well as documentation. We got the help we needed, ” says Christer Pettersson, who runs the company and their facilities.

Flexible and well thought out concept

When the old filling station was closed down in Otterbäcken, Blikstorps Oljeprodukter rushed with the idea of ​​setting up a new filling station and that they then wanted to test something new. “The concept is flexible, the tank comes out ready,” says Christer, who thinks it is a strong reason why we are chosen. MPP’s filling stations and fuel plants can be delivered in formats from 10 m³ up to and including 60 m³, with great opportunities to adapt with e.g. several compartments for alternative fuels such as Diesel HVO, RME, BIO fuels and petrol products.

We stand up for our customers

We at MPP can help you with everything from building permits and environmental registration to delivery and installation of your new tank or filling station. Our products can be adapted to your needs. We are happy to help with maintenance and inspection when the tank or tank is in place.

Do you need a diesel station or other fuel plant where you live or work? Contact us and we will develop a suitable arrangement for you! Here you can read more about our products for setting up fuel . Feel free to take a look at our other customer cases as well.

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