TTC40-Gasoline – Transport tank compact 400 liters for Gasoline

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Versatile and compact

With its smart design, our transport tank makes iteasy and safe to transport diesel. It is ergonomic, easy to use and protected against theft. It is a practical and portable fuel tank suitable for all types of workplaces where diesel is handled.

MPP’s TT Compact is suitable for:

• Rental
• Construction
• Temporary Heating
• Backup Power
• Demolition

Main product

1 x 68306 kr


0 kr

In total

68306 kr (Excluding Tax)
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Versatile and compact

Our Fuel Tank Compact is a safe and flexible diesel tank and is suitable for all types of workplaces. Its design makes it easy to handle and transport, and also protected from theft and unnecessary wear and tear. The tank’s lifting ears are tested and approved for the double weight of a full tank.

Easily accessible details to facilitate  maintenance and regular work

The pump-lid in cab design and the place for filling contribute to a more comfortable working situation. Under the pump-lid is space for storage. All connections are ergonomically placed and designed, such as a two-inch ball valve for venting when filling the tank, an easily accessible and flange-mounted inspection hatch.

Standard Equipment


Cab design pump-lid for convenient handling.


Pump room with extra space for storage of tools and containers.


Approved for stacking two tanks full and three tanks empty.


Inward-bent tank sides that protects paint work and company profile.


Easy-access inspection lid for the inner-tank.


“2” valve for simple venting when filling.

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Hose lead-through (plugged) for continual feed, whilst lid remains locked.

TTC brochure

Concealed hinges for pump-lid.


Lifting bracket for lifting with crain. Also designed to secure with lifting straps.


4-way fork-lifting pockets.


L-R from above. Fill protection, pressure vacuum release valve, 2” safety plug, inspection lid, 1 pc 1” suction pipe with a valve for pump, 1 pc 1/2” suction pipe with valve, 1 pc 1/2” return pipe with a valve, 1 pc extra socket for suction, 1 pc extra socket for return, analog level meter, 2” vent valve, 2” tank filler coupling.


Man-way is placed under the blockade pump-lid for higher theft protection. Valves and connections can be customized to suit your needs.

110% invallad

Environmental approved double-walled tank with a 110% spill containment to comply with the requirements of NFS 2021:10 regulation and MSBFS 2018: 3 regulations.


The fuels are filled in the pump cabinet, which is equipped with a spill containment that prevents pumps, connections, and other accessories from causing spill. In the event of overfilling, the fuel flows to the spill containment.


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