TTC30 Tank Toolbox 300

3000 L
2325x1210x1200 mm³
620 Kg

Solid and effective toolbox

Tank-Toolbox is designed to transport and handle tools, equipment, and other canisters more effectively. You will achieve cost-effective transport and site handling. The Toolbox is specially made to be used together with MPP tanks. This very toolbox is the first out and is designed to be used with TTEXT300 or TTC300.

Main product

1 x 39800 kr


0 kr

In total

39800 kr (Excluding Tax)
TTC30 Tank Toolbox 300

Well-protected and easily accessed tools

By stacking a tank on top of the toolbox you will achieve protected access to the lid and its contents. The lockable lid is big enough to easily lift in and out, big and small tools and equipment.

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