TT40 – Mobile Fuel Tank 400 litres

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Lightweight and Convenient

Mobile Fuel Tank 400 litres is a compact ADR approved fuel tank, packed with smart functions to maintain safe and convenient fuel handling. It is a smaller version of our TTC Compact 1-3 m³. The inner tank is made out of aluminium which makes it lightweight and rust-free.

Main product

1 x 37460 kr


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In total

37460 kr (Excluding Tax)

Standard Equipment

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

The bottom of the tank is designed to lift from any of the 4 sides with a pallet truck or any fork equipment.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Fork lifting pockets from both long sides to maintain safe and secure lifting.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Lifting brackets for lifting with a crane or any sling equipment.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Lightweight inner-tank for easy lifting and less wear and tear on axles. Rust free to maintain clean fuel quality.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Cab design pump-lid for convenient handling especially when the tank sits on a truck bed.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Approved for stacking two tanks full and three tanks empty.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Hose lead-through (plugged) for continual feed, whilst lid remains locked.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Concealed hinges for pump-lid.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Robust lock hood for high class padlock.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Space to store hose clean and protected.

Transporttank- Standardutrustning

The tank is rental-ready and prepared with two feed and two return connections to connect to power generators, heaters and backup power.


Transporttank- Standardutrustning

Removable inner-tank or inspection and maintenance.

110% invallad

Environmental approved double-walled tank with a 110% spill containment to comply with the requirements of NFS 2021:10 regulation and MSBFS 2018: 3 regulations.


The fuels are filled in the pump cabinet, which is equipped with a spill containment that prevents pumps, connections, and other accessories from causing the spill. In the event of overfilling, the fuel flows to the spill containment.


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Tank Specifications


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