TT100EXT – Fuel Tank Extreme 1000 litres

936 L
1300x1180x1330 mm³
735 Kg

Versatile and compact

With its smart design, our transport tank makes it easy and safe to transport diesel. It is ergonomic, easy to use, and protected against theft. It is a practical and portable fuel tank suitable for all types of workplaces where diesel is handled.

Main product

1 x 66790 kr


0 kr

In total

66790 kr (Excluding Tax)

Robust, functional, professional, and ergonomic

Robust outer tank equipped with two crossbeams for protection and support for excavator bucket or other transport of cargo or goods. The Inner-tank is made of 5 mm steel to withstand extreme handling and vibrations from example crushers.Ergonomically designed cab tank lid and connections for easy filling, handling, and service.
TT100EXT – Fuel Tank Extreme 1000 litres

Protection against wear and break-ins

Improved structure based on the tank-in-shield principle. This means that there are no visible possibilities for fuel theft. For example, no manhole or hinges are visible, and with a strong lock mechanism. Galvanized protective strips around all edges, inward bent tank sides with extra protruding fork tunnels against paint scratching when lifting by forklift truck, etc.

Option Bucket Support

Order a set of bucket supports and you get perfect theft protection. Just like the picture, you secure access to the pump lid by placing the bucket stably against the bucket supports to prevent the door from breaking open.In addition to the already safe functions this tank provides, you get complete burglary protection!
TT100EXT – Fuel Tank Extreme 1000 litres

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