Site Easy

Connected and flexible level monitoring for mobile TT tanks

SiteEasy is prepared to connect our series of Transport tanks with rochester level gauges. The package will be completely complete and ready to be connected to the cloud. You simply replace the analog top gauge on the tank’s level gauge to mount the SiteEasy sensor there instead. Turn on the power and log into SiteInfo and the tank is online.

SiteEasy is battery powered and only requires cellular coverage. The modem is easily connected to SiteInfo where you can follow the level in your tank wherever you are. Mount the pressure sensor, switch on the power and log in to SiteInfo where you can see the level in your tank anytime and anywhere.

With the SiteEasy GPS version, you not only get to know the level of the tank, but also where it is located. Current position is detected and registered in SiteInfo every time the level data is communicated.
– Battery-powered all-in-one solution
– Connection with 2G/3G/4G
– Optimal for remotely located tanks/cisterns
– Selectable with GPS

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