SCN07 – Stationary Fuel Tank 7000 litres

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Environmentally safe and complete 5000 litre fuel tank

Regardless of whether you are interested in storage, handling or distribution, our static fuel tank for diesel is a very flexible solution. It can also be volume-adjusted to your needs, up to 7000 litres and down to 2000 litres.

The double-walled tank-in-tank construction prevents contamination should the inner tank leak, as the outer bund can hold as much as 110% of the inner tank’s volume. The bottom, as well as the lower third of the inner walls, are painted with corrosion to achieve a 12-year service interval. The tank also contains a service room with waste collection to prevent contamination from pumps, connections and other accessories.

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Handy, local and long-term fuel supply

With a secure, flexible and local tank, you can easily secure the fuel supply in your company, residential area or your municipality. Volume, fuel types and other functions can be adapted to your needs,  so that you can have access to fuel there and when you need it.

Our tanks are shell protected to prevent fuel theft; no external piping, protected filling, manhole cover equipped with an extra lid with lock, and more.

Our fueling stations are 110% bunded and are manufactured to comply with NFS 2021:10* and MSBFS 2018: 1 regulation**. Our tanks also meet the requirements for a twelve-year inspection interval.  

*The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for storage of fuel within the Swedish water protection area. ** Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and general advice on tanks and pipelines for fuel.

Standard equipment

110% invallad

110% bunded and manufactured to comply with the requirements of NFS 2021:10 regulation and MSBFS 2018: 3 regulation*, and also meet the requirements for twelve-year inspection intervals. *The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for the storage of fuel within the Swedish water protection area. **The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s regulations and general advice on tanks and pipelines for fuel.

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Shell protected to prevent fuel theft; no external pipes or connections.


Equipped with a lockable lid over the manway, protected ventilation, heavily reinforced door with a three-point lock, cover brackets around the hinges and prepared for a standard door lock housing.


Ability to divide up to two different types of fuels, for example, HVO, Petrol or Diesel


The fuels are filled in the service room, which is equipped with a spill collection that prevents pumps, connections and other accessories to cause spill and fuel contamination. In the event of overfilling, the fuel is collected within the bund.


Thanks to the lifting eyes and the liftable bottom, the fuel tank is easy to move with a crane or fork truck. Due to the tank shape and transport friendly dimensions, it is easy to move if conditions may change.

K Cistern

Storage tank is classified as a mobile K-Cistern for placement above ground, which also means that the inspection intervals are 12 years. Inside of the tank is anti-corrosion painted on the floor and ¼ up on the wall.


Extra suction and return connections for continuous operation. Hose-lead-through is available for continuous operation of power generators and loadbanks even when the tank is locked.

Tank specifications

* Estimated volume. ** Dimensions are + -80 mm. NOTE! Height can be +> 160 mm. due to ventilation devices on the roof. *** Estimated weight

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