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Flexible Fuel Stations for Safe and Secure Access to Fuel

The importance of having a safe and secure access to fuel for companies in manufacturing industries, depots, and critical environments is great. MPP is well aware of this and with their expertise and broad knowledge can help companies develop sustainable fuel stations, diesel tanks, and fuel facilities.

MPP delivers complete, environmentally friendly and flexible fuel stations. These can be customized to meet specific requirements and needs, and offer a comprehensive management of different fuels, wash fluid, and AdBlue.

The filling station is delivered as a complete installation, and can be easily placed on, for example, a construction site, bus or truck center or out in the countryside. It is also portable, and can therefore accompany your business to another place or location.


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Well-Constructed, Smart, and Customizable Fuel Stations

In close collaboration with users and fuel distributors, MPP has developed a smart and customizable concept for well-built and attractive fuel stations.

Here, you can see how we can design and customize the fuel stations/tanks by compartmentalizing for different types of fuels, customizing the pump platform and other spaces, integrating other fluids to simplify everyday life with the smallest detail, and how we can customize the tank to showcase your brand in a positive way.

Our tanks have smart shell protection that prevents fuel theft: no exposed pipes, protected refilling, manhole equipped with an additional lock, etc.

Our tanks and fuel stations have a secondary protection in the form of an embankment that holds the entire contents of the tank plus 10%, and are manufactured in accordance with NFS 2021:10 regulations and MSBFS 2018:3 regulations**, and also meet the requirements for a twelve-year inspection interval. *Swedish regulations for fuel storage within Swedish water protection areas. **Authority for civil protection, preparedness regulations, and guidelines for tanks and fuel pipelines.



Our fuel stations can be compartmentalized for up to three different types of fuels such as HVO, gasoline, and diesel. The smallest compartment can be made as small as 7m³.


Example showing 1-compartment solution for HVO, gasoline, or diesel ranging from 10 to 60 m³.


2-compartment solution. The example shows 7m³ gasoline (the smallest possible compartment size) and 7 - 53m³ diesel.


3-compartment solution. For example, 7m³ gasoline, 7m³ HVO, and 7 - 46m³ diesel.


Our fuel stations can be compartmentalized for up to three different types of fuel, such as HVO, gasoline, and diesel. The smallest compartment can be made as small as  7 m³.


Recessed MPP ® ADB/SPV dispenser

Well-constructed cabinet with a spring-loaded door, price and volume displayer. 15 m hose reel mounted behind the wall in a heated room.



ADB in pump dispenser

Most pump dispensers can be equipped with adblue integrated into the pump. The handles are then placed uniformly next to each other.



Built-in tank

Insulated built-in tank for adblue or flushing fluid with integrated heating. The tanks can be built in sizes between 2-10m³.



Integrated tanks

Adblue and/or flushing fluid in a heated room. Plastic tanks are available in sizes between 1-5m³.



The pump platform at the station is customized to meet the needs of the pump and terminal. The platforms come in the following lengths: 1, 2, 2.5, or 3 meters. We will create a customized design after discussing the type of pump, fueling method, number of products, and terminal location. Below are examples of each size.


1000 mm platform


2000 mm platform


2500 mm platform


3000 mm platform



There are great opportunities to expose the idea and your brand. Customizations are made to blend into your environment.


There are great opportunities to expose the idea and your brand. Customizations are made to blend into your environment.


Profiled Sign Band

Customize the tank's color and appearance according to your company profile with a choice of color and a sign band that wraps around the entire top of the tank.


Weather & Wind Protection

Choose a well-designed wind protection with reinforced glass to protect users from water and wind during fueling.



LED lighting can be chosen and mounted on top of the rim for a stylish and modern light design. On a standard installation, the refill room and platform roof are always lit.



We customize the size of the service room from 1 to 2.5 meters depending on the equipment and any fluids that are present. The fuels are refilled in the service room, which is equipped with a spill collection that prevents pumps, connections, and other accessories from causing pollution. In the event of an overfill, the fuel flows to the casing.

1000 mm

This is the smallest service room with plenty of space for refilling and other connections when no extra fluids are needed. In cases where the tank is gasoline-adapted, a gas-tight room is manufactured for the EX installation.

1600 mm

When the need arises to include, for example, an adblue or flushing fluid tank in the concept.

2500 mm

Plenty of space for equipment and larger amounts of fluids.


MPP provides a range of float and level measurement products for those interested in connected tanks. By connecting your tanks or cisterns, you can have better oversight of them and their fuel levels. With remote reading, you can easily monitor them from your computer and/or phone and receive notifications when you need to refill the tanks. This reduces the need for unnecessary fuel transportation and time-consuming physical level measurements on site, allowing you to allocate time and money elsewhere.


level measuring equipment

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