PTA40L – Pickup Tank Aluminium for Diesel 400 litres

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Smart fuel transport and storage
Our aluminium pickup tank is a safe and flexible helping hand at work. Its tall narrow shape and lightweight material can make a big difference on your loading platform, with reduced vehicle wear and more space for other equipment.

Main product

1 x 18900 kr


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In total

18900 kr (Excluding Tax)
User-friendly and conveniant tank that saves space

The four handles mean it is easy to lift, and the lightweight material makes a big weight difference on your pickup platform, for example, helping to reduce vehicle wear. The pump is fitted to the front for easy access, and the holders for the refuelling hoses and diesel handle can be positioned wherever is most convenient.

IBC tank with registered design and no expiry date

UN/ADR certified IBC tanks made of plastic have a certification time limit of up to five years. Because our tank is made entirely of aluminium, there is no such best-before date for certification. The pickup tank is protected with a registered design in the EU and Norway.

Standard Equipment


Lifting and lashing brackets
on all 4 sides.


Protective feet with
mounting brackets for the


Ball valve and hose
connector for 3/4” supply.


2” analogue level sensor, 2”
tank cap, 1” pressure relief/
vacuum valve.


Upper rim with mounting
brackets for refuelling hose
and diesel handle holder.


Tank Specifications


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