Flexible pump terminal with communication via Bluetooth

PIUSI MCBOX B.SMART  is a simple and flexible terminal for several different types of pumps and fuels. The terminal has PIUSI’s new B.Smart transaction management system. The hardware and software are included in the terminal from the beginning so that the installation will go quickly and smoothly.

All user and data communication is handled via an app that is installed on the user’s smart phone. The software is a web app in the cloud. The phone communicates with the pump via Bluetooth, which makes it possible to refuel when you are at the pump. This makes handling safe, smooth and simple.

Unlike older systems, no:

– Keys, cards, tags, etc. that can be lost, damaged or used incorrectly.
– Modems, LAN cables, routers (you thus also avoid installation or handling). No more software needs to be installed on computer.


In the browser you can easily administer the pump. There you can easily add drivers and get a complete overview of refueling history, depots and pumps.

Here you can read more about our pumping machines and terminals. We at MPP also provide products for setting up fuel, such as company-private filling stations and public filling stations. Visit our customer case page to see our products delivered to the customer.

Item number and description


101464, MCBOX 100-240V B.Smart control panel, 10 users 101465, MCBOX 100-240V B.Smart control panel, 20 users 101477, B.Smart extra user x5 101478, B.Smart extra user x15 101479, B.Smart extra user x50

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