CODAB – PT4000

A modern and user-friendly terminal

CODAB – PT4000 is a modern and user-friendly terminal, equipped with an easy-to-use keyboard and adapted for propulsion systems operated in-house. It is possible to use the terminal with both RFID tags and CODAB’s own app that identifies drivers and vehicles. The design is robust, functional and adapted to a Scandinavian winter climate. With the terminal connected to TapNet via 3G or 4G, the station can be configured, controlled, updated and monitored remotely. We can also correct many errors without being on site.

Connection of pumps to CODAB – PT4000

CODAB terminal PT 4000 has pump protocols for all commonly used pump types on the Nordic market:

  • Wayne DART
  • Wayne CL
  • Autotank CL
  • Tatsuno
  • IFSF
  • Electric charging posts
  • Mechanical pumps, as well as various other pumps from European manufacturers.

It is possible to connect any number of pumps to the terminal, including pumps of different makes.

Connection to level measurement

It is possible to connect level measurement systems directly to PT 4000, for quick and easy consolidation and accounting.

Item number and description

100316, card terminal PT 4000 – fleet / own cards

Identification and payment

CODAB terminal PT 4000 can be used with company cards, loyalty cards, vehicle or driver cards. Verification takes place online or offline. There is also an option of contactless payment via RFID, iButton or CODAB’s own app.


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