Fueling Stations

Our public filling stations and fuel facilities can be delivered in formats from 10 m³ up to and including 60 m³, with great possibilities for special adaptation (e.g compartment division, if you wish to have more than one fuel). They always have a bank card solution, and are suitable in all environments where a filling station may be needed. Smart scaling protection prevents fuel theft: no visible pipes, protected filling, manhole cover equipped with an extra lid with lock, and more. The filling station is delivered turnkey, and can be foiled / striped by us with your logo. We can also provide lighting, price signs and price players. Do you need a diesel station or other fuel plant where you live or work? Contact us, and we will develop a suitable arrangement for you!


Wayne Fuel Dispenser

Practical pump dispensers that are easy to use and adapt Wayne’s Helix Dispenser pumpsare...


Tatsuno Fuel Dispenser

Tatsuno is a world leader in customized pumps for the heavier market. All hydraulics...


Fleetfueller Dispenser

Fleetfueller Dispenser is a full-size commercial fuel pump with unbeatable performance and reliability.

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