Static Fuel Tank 10 m³

Hults Åkeri & Vägmaskiner AB is a construction company in Nykroppa, Värmland, just outside Filipstad. The company has a number of excavators, trucks and wheel loaders, and performs a number of different jobs in construction and haulage. In the autumn of 2019, a stationary fuel tank (10 m³) was ordered from MPP. The tank is divided into compartments both diesel and AdBlue and is equipped with built-in handles and a terminal.

“For us, it is important that our fuel tanks are easy and comfortable to work with. We are quality and environment certified, so we are also very careful to have tanks and storage tanks that minimize the risk of spillage,” says Tomas Hult, co-owner of Hults Åkeri & Vägmaskiner.

What made Tomas to choose this tank was first and foremost its design, and that it fit both in terms of design and function in both the company’s operations and its premises.

“The service room is very practical. Then we wanted a tank that combined diesel and AdBlue, and not many offer such. ” In addition to the increased availability of diesel and AdBlue, the tank also benefits the company in other ways. The storage option means, for example, that larger fuel volumes can be purchased at one and the same time. The price then often becomes more favourable than when buying smaller fuel volumes.

MPP’s stationary storage tank can be adjusted in volumes up to 60 m³ and is robust, burglar-proof and easy to use. Do you want to order your own stationary tank, or know more about how we can adapt the product to suit your needs? Contact Us!

Here you can see our entire range of products for setting up fuel.

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