Publik tankstation

Public Fuel Station

A new public MPP filling station is being prepared for delivery. The facility is on its way up to Trøndelag in central Norway, where it will be located along the E6 in Malvik, between Trondheim and Stjørdal. The client is Sveberg Drivstoff AS (part of Trøndelag Diesel AS), which will operate the plant themselves.

The filling station has pump bridges at both ends, and is divided into two sections – one for trucks and one for cars. This means that logistics will be smooth and that a total of four vehicles, two of each type, can refuel at the same time: HVO, estimated diesel, tax-free colored diesel (green diesel) for the trucks and adblue; petrol and ordinary valued diesel for passenger cars.

Trøndelag Diesel AS knows us at MPP from before, and this is the third filling station we have delivered to them in a short time. We are very happy to continue our good cooperation, and to now be able to deliver a completely new tank facility. Our filling stations are available in 168 different standard configurations – 10-60 cubic meters, one or more compartments, different sizes of service rooms, with or without pump platform, etc. – but can also be specially adapted to the customer’s specific needs, as in this case. We at MPP also arrange the actual transport, while the customer handles the unloading and placement on site.

Even if many petrol stations and filling stations are closed, the need for local fuel depots and filling facilities will not decrease – on the contrary. If you are interested in knowing how we can help your company, your customers or perhaps even your neighbors and your home area with a local filling station, contact us!

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