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Mobile Fuel Tank 3000 L

In Central Sweden and Gothenburg, there is the division of  Skanska Industrial Solutions that works with rock material. They not only have rigorous safety requirements but also high demands on mobility as the crushing plants are moved around in large parts of Sweden. When the division was to purchase new diesel tanks for the business, the choice therefore fell on MPP’s transport tank.

“MPP has a great mobile solution,it takes up little space both vertically and sideways. Ordinary tanks are hexagonal, but MPP’s transport tanks are basically square. This means that you can take the idea from whichever direction you want and get the stackability. You also get more space for more bulky stuffs while transporting spare parts. Technically, you can remove a car from each transport, which means that you can save thousands, ”says Kjell Norman, team base for mobile crushers Central Sweden at Skanska Industrial Solutions.

Skanska Industrial Solutions has collaborated with MPP for several years and has purchased a total of six transport tanks, of which four are in Västerås and two in Hallsberg. The two most recently purchased also have thicker sheet metal to handle greater weight. For the business, it is important to have proper tanks that you do not get lost in the woods, for example. They have to endure being out in the pits where there are very sharp rocks.

MPP’s fuel tank enables safe lifting. You get a real fork socket to put the forks in so that they do not slip. The tanks are also tight all around and you only use a hatch on top when you open, fill and drain. The tanks also have thicker sheet metal that can handle more weight and reduce bumps. As these tanks are safe that means they are environment friendly “, adds Kjell Norman.

On our page for products for transporting fuel , you can read more about our various tanks, including our appreciated transport tanks which are available in several flexible designs!

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MPP- Schakt & kross

Mobile Fuel Tank 3000 L

In Central Sweden and Gothenburg,...

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