Linghems Åkeri AB -Tankstation 23m³

Industrial Fuel Station 23m³

Linghems Åkeri AB is an environmentally conscious logistics company that mainly works with tipper, flatbed and bulk truck transports.

Linghems Åkeri use diesel, HVO and AdBlue in thier operation. Previously, they refueled with diesel and HVO from two separate filling stations. AdBlue was stored in IBC tanks indoors; not unusual, but something that can lead to costsome refueling, as well as unnecessary mess and spillage. The company therefore wanted to store all three liquids in one place, to make fuel handling more efficient and tidy.

Their new facility also needed to be theft-proof, as their company previously had encountered fuel thefts. A prevoius customer to MPP, Fundins olja, recommended Linghems Åkeri to contact MPP when they felt their time of need to purchase and have their own new filling station.

TurnKey and theft-proof filling station for diesel, HVO and AdBlue


The fuel station – same color as ther companies blue profile – is delivered and up and running, and supplies the company’s trucks with fuel. “It feels very good to be able to integrate all fuels in one fuel tank. In addition, it looks clean and tidy “, says the companies owner, Henrik Åberg.

The fuel station is a turnkey, theft-protected filling station that can contain 23 m³ Fuel and AdBlue. The space is divided into 7 m³ for diesel, 13 m³ for HVO and 3 m³ for AdBlue. The filling station has an MCS Sapphire terminal , which gives the customer digital follow-up on who is refueling what, and how much the user has refueled. The terminal is also equipped with a level gauge that notifies the fuel distributor when the tanks need to be refilled with new fuel. Keeping track of fuel levels becomes very simple and convenient.

Form and function in an attractive, well-thought-out design

For many of our customers, it is important that their tanks are both practical and neat. The smart features must be easy both to understand and to use. In addition, the fuel tanks and fuel stations needs to be stylish, modern and inspiring for customers. In other words, a good design both in configuration and function. This is something we work a lot with at MPP both when we develop new products and when we develop our existing range.

This type of filling station makes it possible to let your neighbors and colleagues refuel with you, if you so wish. If you are interested in a filling station for diesel, HVO and / or AdBlue, contact us at MPP and we will look at a solution that suits you and your business. Here you can read more about our products for setting up fuel , and feel free to also take a look at our other customer cases.

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