Fuel Tank Compact 2000 litres

Fuel Tank Compact 2000 litres

South of Gothenburg in Kungsbacka we visited Alexander Frost who owns and runs AFR Entreprenad. They work with land and facilities in Kungsbacka and Gothenburg and the surrounding area, and here they are building a plot in Särö. AFR already has a smaller aluminum tank for pickup, and here an ADR approved and embedded Transport Tank Compact 2000 L with pump and bucket support as an accessory. We let Alexander say what he thinks of the idea and how it is to be used.

Anti-theft and environmentally safe

“The good thing about the idea is that we avoid this explosive mat that we have had all these years. We put the bucket over as a safe protection. In terms of design, I think it is good, no manhole covers, you can not get in anywhere except under the bucket which is well protected ” From the outside, there are no direct places to get into the tank as the manhole and other connections are located under the pump hatch and inside the embankment where refilling also takes place.

Versatile and compact

“It is easy to handle, both with a chain and with pallet forks – so we are super happy with that.” Our TTC200 is a safe and flexible diesel tank and is suitable for all types of workplaces. It’s design makes it easy to handle and transport, and also protected from theft and unnecessary wear and tear. The tank’s lifting ears are tested and approved for the double weight of the filled tank. Easily accessible details facilitate both maintenance and regular work.

Tank hatch in cab design

The tank hatch in cab design and the place for filling contribute to a comfortable working situation. Under the door there is space for storage. Other connections are ergonomically placed and designed, such as a two-inch ball valve for venting when filling the tank.

“MPP has been great to us”

“We have no problems with the tanks at all, I do not think we will get that either, we really hope so. We surely recommend this tank. In fact, it is much safer than the usual rounds we had before. Yet there is no history of theft but even if we face it we hope thieves fail. MPP has been great towards us, we have bought both small tanks and now a large one, so we are very happy. ”

MPP offers the market’s most well-developed and well-thought-out diesel tanks. One of our obligations is to continuously develop and further develop safe and flexible products. We do this so that your work can flow as smoothly as possible. It pays to think about your choice of tank. See which diesel tanks can fit into your business.

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Fuel Tank Compact 2000 litres

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