Fuel Station 33 m³

Maskin & Mekan in Växjö is a well-established company that offers construction and machine services and ground and construction work.

When they developed their business with new premises, they reviewed their fuel management and invested in their own filling station. The opportunity and desire for the future is also to be able to serve their customers and local companies.

“The filling station helps us to run a more efficient business”

When the customer was to choose their supplier of filling station, the obvious choice fell to MPP. It was important for the owner that their new filling station would look good and maintain a good resale value if the plans were to change at any time, and that the facility could then easily be moved to another location. “It felt like a solid tank with good references and could be adapted to our business in a good way. The biggest challenge was to get the right system and tank size for the various compartments, such as Diesel, HVO, AdBlue and washer fluid “The customer also wants to emphasize that ” We are especially pleased that it was possible to adapt the station to the building with any color and that delivery was turnkey on delivery, just to plug in. ”

The facility is a complete, theft-protected filling station to a total of 33 m³. The space is divided into compartments with 15 m³ for diesel, 15 m³ for HVO, 2 m³ for AdBlue and 1.5 m³ of washer fluid. The filling station has an MCS Sapphire terminal, which gives the customer digital follow-up on who is refuelling what, and how much the user is refuelling.

Fuel supply without detours

Maskin & Mekan can now benefit from a more local fuel supply without detours. There are as many as 11 handles to choose from, so there is unlikely to be a queue. Two vehicles can refuel at the same time on each side and it is possible to refuel different flows depending on whether it is a larger vehicle or whether it is a smaller vehicle that needs to be filled.

With a safe, flexible and local fuel station, you can easily secure the fuel supply in your company, residential area or city. Volume, fuel types and other functions can be adapted to your needs, also to have access to fuel where and when needed.

If you are interested in a filling station for diesel, HVO and / or AdBlue, please contact us at MPP and we will find a solution that suits you and your business. Here you can read more about our products for setting up fuel. Feel free to take a look at our other customer cases as well.

References are gladly provided by the customer upon request.

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