Fuel Station 10 m³

In Rosersberg between Stockholm and Arlanda are ABT Bolagen. They specialize in machine and transport services, and supply fuel and lubricants to the region with their own tanker crews and customized gas stations.

ABT Bolagen has started driving it’s machines and cars at HVO, a climate-smart and economical alternative to fossil diesel. It is therefore important to be able to refuel both AdBlue and HVO at the same fuel plant and on the same key. When the company was to buy new filling stations, the choice fell on MPP.

“We chose MPP because it was in line with our environmental profile. It is of course advantageous to have a filling station where you can refuel both AdBlue and diesel at the workplace. Then all fuel management takes place in one and the same place, where we have control of the environment. Our goal was to bring out an environmental product and we wanted it to look fresh all around, ” says Martin Beckman, project manager for fuel at ABT Bolagen .

ABT Bolagen has already bought four filling stations from MPP. Two are located at the company’s head office and at the facility where they crush rocks and sell materials. A petrol station is located at a machine rental company and one will be located at a large workplace at Förbifart Stockholm.

“MPP’s filling stations are of high quality and look modern and professional. This is something you want to bring and set up in a workplace. The stations are branded in our colors and with our logo, so it feels fresh and nice. Thanks to the locks, they are also safe from a theft point of view. MPP has given us more than just petrol stations, ”  says Martin Beckman.

On our page for products for setting up fuel , you can read more about our various filling stations and stationary diesel tanks. Our filling stations are delivered with associated product certificates.

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