Flaklockstank aluminium 200 liter

Bedcover Aluminium Tank 200 litres

Per Hällnevik runs FH forest together with his colleague Mikael. They are doing final felling and thinning. We go to the forests in Gräfsnäs to hear what Per has to say and what it is like to use the flaklock idea in his daily activities.

“The idea is user-friendly”

“The idea is very user-friendly! It is very convenient that you have double sockets on it so you can have both direct filling hose directly on the machine plus you have this extra tank nozzle if you want to fill machines that do not have a pump, ” says Per Hällnevik.

The tanks are low-built and are available in 435 and 450 mm high, which means that they fit all pickups with a flat lid or blind.

“Lightweight means a lot”

“That the tank is lightweight means a lot because the suspension of the pickups does not withstand a lot as we have other loads with us that weigh a lot.

We have chainsaws, toolboxes, adblue, chains, swords, very heavy things with us ”

Our aluminum bottle cap tank is a safe, flexible helper in the workplace. The light material makes a big difference to, for example, your flatbed, with reduced wear on your vehicle.

Meets PEFC requirements

Tanks used by PEFC-certified companies must be UN-marked and have ADR certificates, but ADR-approved plastic tanks must still be discarded after five years and must also have a cast-in bell that shows when the tank was manufactured. Our aluminum pickup tank does not have such a best-before date, and the rust- and maintenance-free material also means that the fuel remains clean during storage. The tank meets all the requirements that the tanks PEFC-certified companies may use in their operations must live up to.

MPP offers innovative, safe and flexible diesel tanks We are constantly further developing our tanks and continuously developing new products. We do this so that your work can flow as smoothly as possible. It pays to think about your choice of tank.

“MPPs are easy to get in touch with”

“MPP is a local company where you have a high level of service, are easy to get in touch with. It means a lot, ” Per concludes.

Explore which aluminum tanks best suit your vehicle, whether you have a flatbed cover, shutter, cover, cabinet or open flatbed. 

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Flaklockstank aluminium 200 liter

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