The story behind the MPP

2004 was the year we changed focus in the company, which then was in Kungälv – West Gothenburg. We had for many years has been active in the field of injection molding and were for instance producing adjustable feet and base sockets for Asko Cylinda and other producers of washing machines. The owner – Marcus Vilhelmsson was the innovative founder of the base sockets.

Our focus was then on Metal and Plastic Products – hence the name MPP. Since Asko Cylinda, who was a major customer of ours and who was later acquired and moved overseas, also started to buy its adjustable feet from China, the same time our base sockets became a price pressured product within home appliance industry, from there MPP found a new path in their business.

However, a random meeting with a manager of a British company involved in the fuel tank market turned out to bring an exceptional change in entire MPP and we stepped into a new industry which was almost new for us. After being asked if we wanted to enter as a reseller, the new business orientation began.

16 years later, when the companies went in different ways, we had come to know the industry that was previously unknown to us. At that time, most tanks were much more primitive than today, for example, often farmer’s tanks completely had no bunded tank-in-tank functions or effective protection devices. We are proud to state that MPP contributed to break the pattern in terms of diesel tanks and fuel management in Sweden and the Nordic countries; from often old-fashioned and environmentally harmful tanks to safe and convenient products, adapted to customers’ diverse needs.

By keeping in close contact with our customers, we were continually getting new ideas for new solutions and arrangements that help to facilitate their daily work. We believe that having learnt the fuel management industry from the scratch is a positive part of MPP’s development as we have had to develop together with our customers. This has given us a very good understanding of what modern fuel tanks, storage tanks, diesel stations and other fuel plants require. This includes everything from features, functions and designs to certifications and legal requirements.

Today, we are the innovative market leader in our field in Sweden and is working continuously to develop our range of products and services, in order to be the first choice for the fuel tanks in Nordic region.

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