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MPP Sverige AB - Corporate Policy

This corporate policy is established to promote long-term and sustainable operations and is rooted in a belief that ethical business principles will promote operations and MPP’s relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other partners.


MPP’s operations shall:

Om oss- Privacy-Policy

By continuously working with the work environment as an integral part of daily operations, MPP works to ensure that all work environment requirements are complied with in order to ensure that all employees receive support and preventive measures that promote good health. Our work environment policy is integrated into our company policy.


Our environmental policy is integrated into our company policy. Management must continuously identify and analyze the environmental aspects that are relevant to the business (such as the environmental impact of production and transport) in order to continuously investigate and minimize MPP’s environmental impact. Given the nature of the business, the following aspects are of great importance: resource use and consumption (eg in production), environmentally and health hazardous substances, transport and energy.


This policy has been created by the top management, Kungsbacka on 2021-08-10

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