Hero for mobile fuel tanks
Hero for mobile fuel tanks

MPP Sverige AB – About Us

MPP is a distinguished supplier that produces durable, secure, and versatile fuel tanks, perfectly suited for demanding environments.

MPP is your full-service provider that consistently strives to exceed the requirements of customers who value both functionality and quality.

We are a reliable and dedicated collaborative partner, offering a product range that spans from compact Mobile Fuel Tanks with volumes ranging from 150 liters to 3000 liters, Stationary Tanks, and complete Fuel Stations with capacities ranging from 2000 liters to 120,000 liters.

Our products are characterized by robust construction, safety, and user-friendliness.

We are happy to be a trusted and respected player in the industry.


Safe, innovative products adapted to market demand and regulations.

For us, it is not enough simply to keep up with developments. Our ambition is to evolve, from the point of view of our customers and our knowledge of the market, products and adapted solutions, and to move beyond traditional borders if necessary. Safety (with protection against both spillage and theft) and innovation, functional design are the key points we always keep in mind when we design a new fuel tank, storage tank or diesel station. In addition, it is important that our products meet all the requirements and rules that exist for handling, storage and transport of diesel. We prioritize the fact that you are completely satisfied with your MPP product and our service.If you are not,we will do everything we can to fix the error or problem.We use only the safest suppliers and products on the market. With our large stock of goods, we can supply our diesel tanks, storage tanks and filling stations to companies throughout the Nordic countries and large parts of Europe at a short notice.
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