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PTA25-DM – Double walled Pickup tank ALU 250 Liter

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Lightweight and safe fuel tank

Our double walled pickup tank 250 is as extremely lightweight and convenient ADR fuel tank that has an aluminum inner and outer tank. It works as an environmentally safe and secure tank for fuel distribution even with small pickups or as a rigid easy to handle tank on the ground.

Environmentally safe and convenient

The tank is double walled and is fully spill protected which makes it safe for the environment and safe to handle. The lightweight material makes a big weight difference on your pickup platform, for example, helping to reduce vehicle wear. The pump is fitted to the front for easy access thanks to the lockable cab lid.

ADR approved tank without expiry date.

UN/ADR certified IBC tanks made of plastic have a certification time limit of up to five years. Because our tank is made entirely of aluminium, there is no such best-before date for certification.

Standard Equipment

Easy accesable pump thanks to our cab lid. The tank is designed to fit between the wheel arches of most trucks.

Removable aluminum inner-tank for easy inspection and maintenance. Low weigh tank to reduce vehicle wear.

Lifting handle designed to secure with lifting straps.

2 “analog level gauge, 2” tank cap, 1 “pressure / vacuum relase valve.

Hose lead-through (plugged) for continual feed, whilst lid remains locked.

2 lifting handles on both sides.

Lockable cabinet fitted with a safety lead.

1 extra ¾” suction pipe for quick coupling.

Environmental approved, double walled tank with a 110% spill containment to comply with the requirements of NFS 2017: 5 regulation and MSBFS 2018: 3 regulations.

The fuels are filled in the pump cabinet, which is equipped with a spill containment that prevents pumps, connections, and other accessories from causing spill. In the event of overfilling, the fuel flows to the spill containment.

Tank specifications 101517
Double walled Pickup tank ALU 250 Liter
Volume, 95% (l) *:
Length: (mm) **:
Width: (mm) **:
Height: (mm) **:
Net Weight: (kg) ***:
Gross weight(kg)****:


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