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PTS – Public Fuel Station 10-60 m³

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Flexible Fuel Stations that can save you time and money

Do you work in the construction or logistics industry and need quick access to different fuel types? Do you live in a place that needs a local refuelling station? MPP delivers complete, environmentally friendly and flexible fuel stations. These can be customized to specific needs and requirements, and provide a comprehensive management of different fuels, fluids and AdBlue. As a result, you can have your own complete refuelling point near your vehicles, and you will not have to travel unnecessary distances to fill them up. In addition, you get a good overview and control of your vehicle data and fuel consumption. As the fuel comes in bulk deliveries directly from the fuel supplier, you can also reduce your fuel costs.

The fueling station is delivered as a complete installation, and can easily be placed on, for example, a construction site, bus or truck center or in the countryside. It is also portable, and thus can accompany your business from one place to another.

Refuel without detours

You don’t have to drive far to refuel. A fuel station at work, saving you both time and money. You can also give your customers and neighbours the opportunity to refuel with you. Talk to us, and we will develop a solution that suits you and your business.

Our tanks are shell protected to prevent fuel theft; no external piping, protected filling, manhole cover equipped with an extra lid with lock, and more.

Our fueling stations are 110% bunded and are manufactured to comply with NFS 2018: 3* and MSBFS 2018: 1 regulation**. Our tanks also meet the requirements for a twelve-year inspection interval.

*The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for storage of fuel within the Swedish water protection area. ** Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and general advice on tanks and pipelines for fuel.

Standard equipment

110% bunded and manufactured to comply with the requirements of NFS 2017: 5 regulation and MSBFS 2018: 3 regulation*, and also meet the requirements for twelve-year inspection intervals. *The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for storage of fuel within the Swedish water protection area. **The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency’s regulations and general advice on tanks and pipelines for fuel.

Shell protected to prevent fuel theft; no external pipes or connections.

Equipped with a lockable lid over the manway, protected ventilation, heavily reinforced door with a three-point lock, cover brackets around the hinges and prepared for a standard door lock housing.


Ability to divide up to three different types of fuels, for example, HVO, Petrol or Diesel

The fuels are filled in the service room, which is equipped with a spill collection that prevents pumps, connections and other accessories to cause spill and fuel contamination. In the event of overfilling, the fuel is collected within the bund.


Thanks to the lifting eyes and the liftable bottom, the fuel tank is easy to move with a crane or fork truck. Due to the tank shape and transport friendly dimensions, it is easy to move if conditions may change.

Classified as a K-Cistern, which means that the inspection intervals are 12 years.The inside tank is anti-corrosion painted on the floor and ¼ up on the wall.

Extra suction and return connections for continuous operation. Hose-lead-through is available for continuous operation of power generators and loadbanks even when the tank is locked.


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Lightweight and Convenient

Mobile Fuel Tank 400 litres is a compact ADR approved fuel tank, packed with smart functions to maintain safe and convenient fuel handling. It is a smaller version of our TTC Compact 1-3 m³. The inner-tank is made out of aluminium which makes it lightweight and rust free.